WATSAN operates as a typical non-governmental organization that applies maximum gravity on stakeholders towards the achievement of a sanitation conscious country.

We serve as a pressure group that reports, recommends and adopt vigorous campaigns which ensure the enforcement of existing, amendment and development of new bye-laws, etc. in all aspects of sanitation and water sector. Read More

Water Projects

WATSAN will concentrate heavily on the planting of trees along banks of vulnerable water bodies in the countries. The idea is to help preserve and protect our water resources for future generations. We, therefore, intend to embark on Prevention of water pollution activities.

Sanitation Projects

The central places in our cities where tangible products are traded. Such places are opened and operated on daily bases. We would exert enough pressure on facility key stakeholder to develop and implement laws and structures that fights insanitary issues.

Auxiliary Projects

These are projects we would introduce to donors and sanitation incline entities. They include; Sanitation How-tos, Street Sanitation and WATSAN Agents who will be in charge of taking pictures and busting offenders who litter around the cities and communities.

Our News

IMANI Ghana has released a report on its National Sanitation Forum which was held on 20th March 2018 under the theme “Ghana’s sanitation has failed”. Personalities such as the Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Joseph Kofi Adda; the Mayor
A water and sanitation analyst, Harold Esseku, has said Ghana has over 100 policies, strategies and guidelines on water and sanitation issues which span more than a decade. According to him, some of the policies have brilliant solutions to Ghana’s

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